Please note: Brandmeyer Great Hall will be closed to the public Friday, August 18.


EncoreTixEncoreTix is a program designed to make the performing arts more accessible for younger adults ages 18-39. EncoreTix provides significant discounts, special presales, and free ticket giveaways to a wide variety of events at Kauffman Center. You can become an Encore member simply by signing up online to join a free, monthly email list.

The best part? With no annual fees, you can stay connected to the Kauffman Center and you’ll only pay for the programs or events that interest you. To join the EncoreTix email list, sign up online and don’t forget to check the box labeled EncoreTix.

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To sign up using your existing account, first login to the website using the link above. Then, select “Manage My Account” and update your account under the “My Interests” tab by checking the box labeled EncoreTix. Questions? Email

EncoreTix Media Partner: The Pitch