A Lasting Gift – Now with its own, unique Hallmark card

A Lasting Gift

As you begin to think about holiday gifts, here are two unique ways to honor someone special. “Consider this an engraved invitation to anyone in the community to step forward and make a lasting imprint on this historic place,” says Jane Chu, President and CEO of the Kauffman Center.

Name a Seat

The 3,400 seats in the Kauffman Center’s two performance halls will be so special they ought to come with their own names inscribed. And, indeed, that’s exactly how you can become an integral part of this special moment in the cultural history of Kansas City. For a donation to the Kauffman Center of $2,500 to $10,000 (payable over multiple years), you can put a name on a seat. Simply print the attached form, fill it out and send it in along with your contribution.

The names donors choose will be permanently engraved on plaques embedded in the arms of the seats. They say that someone cared enough to make a lasting impression on the cultural landscape of a great city.

Attach a Special Greeting

And speaking of caring enough … now donors have a new way to acknowledge those they honor. Through a partnership with Hallmark Cards, a greeting card has been developed to accompany a gifted seat. “The card has a lovely watercolor rendering of the Kauffman Center and a message to the honoree,” says Chu. “When it’s opened, the recipient will be greeted with music from the Kansas City Symphony.”

A Gift for a Special Child in your Life

Children's Wall

The Kauffman Center is providing parents, grandparents or anyone with a special child in their life the opportunity to give a personal gift that lasts a lifetime and also gives back to the community. The Children’s Wall is a unique donor recognition project that allows children to literally leave their handprint as a lasting impression on a landmark building. For a $1,000 donation per handprint, a child, grandchild or a youngster who deserves some special recogntion can be honored. Simply fill out the attached form.

Colorful reproductions of the handprints will be artistically arranged near the escalators that rise to the majestic glass lobby of the Kauffman Center. Each handprint is personalized with a child’s name and the year the print was made.

To learn more, call Chris Beal at the Kauffman Center at 816-994-7219 or email him at