Ambassador Celebration Held in October

Julia and AnneMore than 150 people participated in the Kauffman Center Ambassadors’ celebration on October 22, 2008. The event, which recognized their relaunch as a self-sustaining group, was held at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center and included a presentation — and sincere thank you — from Julia Irene Kauffman, president of the Kauffman Center Board of Directors. Julia is pictured to the left, along with Ambassador President-Elect Anne Peterson.

ReceptionAmbassadors enjoyed a reception and met others interested in becoming members. The reception was followed by the short program that included an update on construction progress made by Jane Chu, president and CEO of the Kauffman Center and Ken Dworak, owner’s represenative. Lisa Shubert Hickok, president of the Ambassadors, also addressed the group and explained the newly-formed membership structure.

Sign-up tableParticipants had the chance to sign up for a variety of volunteer activities and events being planned by this energetic membership group. Ambassadors Anne Peterson (to the left in the purple jacket) and David Renner visit with a person interested in joining the group.

Board of DirectorsThe volunteer group called Kauffman Center Ambassadors is hardly a new concept. For more than two years, they have been all over town — literally — telling the Kauffman Center story to any interested party. Now they’ve reorganized as a membership organization that is self-sustaining and has a self-governing board of directors (pictured to the right). Board members shown: (from the left, front row): Kathy Peterson, Gary Maltbia, Nicolle Ratliff, Marilyn Salomon, Lisa Hickok, Anita Maltbia, Cheryl Spear. Back row: David Renner, Dick Fagerberg and Anne Peterson.

Lisa at Podium“We saw that the Ambassadors had the core of a membership organization that could have long-term impact for the Kauffman Center,” explains Lisa Hickok, pictured at the left, and who has been tapped as president of the new organization “As a self-sustaining, self-governing group, Ambassadors can take on roles beyond that of cheerleader and move into program support and fund raising. But we’ll remain boosters at our core.”

If you are interested in joining the Ambassadors, there is detailed information about membership categories, responsibilities and how to join on the Kauffman Center website.