Kauffman Center Tours: A Q&A with Morgan Prosser, Ticketing Services Supervisor

Morgan Prosser is the Kauffman Center’s Ticketing Services Supervisor. She oversees multiple aspects of ticketing for various events, including the Kauffman Center’s Tour Program. In this post, Morgan answers some basic questions about tour offerings and the tour scheduling process at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.

Q: How do I schedule tour of the center?  

Photo by Steve Mohlenkamp Photography

A: You can schedule a tour by filling out our Private Tour Request form located on our website, under The Center > Tours and Public Hours: kauffmancenter.org/tours   

Q: When can I schedule a tour?  

A: You can inquire about scheduling a tour year-round. The availability of our tours largely depends on what performances and events calendar. We try not to schedule tours when we can’t offer to show both of our performance halls to a tour group. The winter tends to be the busiest season for us with so many holiday performances taking place, so that is when we are least likely to have tour availability. In the same vein, the spring and summer months typically have more availability, but it still varies week to week.  

Q: How long does a tour last?  

A: Our tours typically last about one hour, though that can vary. We also try to keep tours for children’s groups closer to 45 minutes.  

Q: How many people can be accommodated on one tour?  

A: We can accommodate almost any number of people on a tour; however, we do recommend keeping each tour to about 35 attendees.

Photo by Kenny Johnson

We recommend this because it can be hard for everyone to hear the tour guide(s) with larger groups. If you have more than 35 people in your group, we suggest breaking into different groups and starting the tour in different locations or at different times.  

Q: How far in advance do you have to schedule a tour? 

A: We require at least three weeks’ notice in order to make sure all spaces are open and available, and respective departments are aware of the activity. Due to the ever-changing nature of performances and events, we usually officially confirm each tour about two weeks in advance of the date.  

Q: What aspects of the building are covered on tours? 

A: Each tour covers all front of house spaces in the Kauffman Center. This includes Helzberg Hall, Muriel Kauffman Theatre, Brandmeyer Great Hall and the Plaza Lobby level.

Q: Do tour groups go on stage?  

A: We typically do not bring tour groups on stage. There is often equipment and sets for upcoming rehearsals and performances on our stages.  

Photo by Cody Boston

Q: Are the tours guided?  

A: Yes, our tours are led by our incredibly knowledgeable volunteer tour guides. Many guides have been giving tours since the early stages of construction, so they have a lot of experience and knowledge on the history and architecture of the building.  

Q: How much does a tour cost?  

A: Tours are $100 for a group of up to 35 people, and $150 for groups of more than 35 people. Fees will be paid through the Kauffman Center’s Open Doors program if the group is a student group affiliated with a non-profit organization (must provide Tax ID number). Be sure to mention the school group status on the tour request form so any discounts on tour costs can be applied.