Kenny Broad, Diver and Environmental Anthropologist

TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 2012, 7:30 P.M. – Helzberg Hall

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Underwater explorer Kenny Broad presents ‘Extreme Cave Diving: Exploring the blue holes of the Bahamas’

“Underwater caves may just look like dark, eerie holes,” says Broad, “but they can be critical reservoirs of clean fresh drinking water and are integral to the health of the surrounding habitats.” – Kenny Broad

In Kenny Broad’s line of work, exploring submerged caves and blue holes, one mistake can equal death. He and his team must take every precaution to avoid such dangers as stirring up sediments that can wipe out visibility, succumbing to nausea as they pass through a toxic layer of hydrogen sulfide, or getting lost in maze-like passageways with a limited supply of diving gasses.

The need to study blue holes is urgent, as they are among the least studied and most threatened habitats on Earth. Broad’s work combines the study of risk perception, exploration, and environmental anthropology.

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