A Kind-Hearted Surprise

Youth in the Community Show Their Support

Driscoll School of Irish Dance performs at Future Stages Festival | Photo by Sara Unrein

Have you ever received a gift from a child? Perhaps it was a picture they put their heart and soul into or a chocolate bar they spent their life savings on? One thing is for sure: a gift from a kid, no matter the size, has a memorable impact and contagious positivity. This influence was felt when the Kauffman Center received a surprise donation from youth in the Driscoll School of Irish Dance. 

The Driscoll School of Irish Dance made their first appearance at Future Stages Festival in summer 2023. This annual festival at the Kauffman Center is free for performers and attendees. Upon receiving a $235.50 check in the mail from Driscoll, we were intrigued. After all, they owed no money! Further investigation revealed a contribution of kindness planned far in advance. 

Earlier this year, the Driscoll dancers were charged with finding an organization to support. They were inspired to contribute to the performing arts in their KC community and wanted to invest in something they love. This led them to the Kauffman Center. The Driscoll School raised funds at their Charity Treble Reel in March, their annual dance competition. To perform in the fundraiser, dancers from the age of 3 to adults in their 60s gave donations of $5 or more.  

A duo of Driscoll dancers performs at Future Stages Festival | Photo by Sara Unrein

After performing at Future Stages Festival, the Driscoll dancers felt even more confident that they had made the right decision. They were delighted in the activities and fascinated by the other talented performers. Going backstage at the Kauffman Center gave the dancers an authentic, professional experience.  

The youth at the Driscoll School of Irish Dance are enthusiastic about sharing – from their talents to funds. 

As a non-profit organization, the Kauffman Center hopes that the Driscoll Dancers will be a catalyst not only for artistic achievement, but for generosity. Unexpected and routine support provides vibrancy to the Kauffman Center’s mission and makes free community events like Future Stages Festival possible. 

If you are as inspired by the Driscoll Dancers as we are, we hope you will consider making a year-end contribution here.