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Policies & Accessibility

Policies and Procedures

Patron safety and emergency preparedness are the Kauffman Center’s primary concerns. Therefore, the Center has created policies and procedures to promote a secure, enjoyable environment for all guests. Helpful information about the Kauffman Center’s safety policies and emergency procedures can be found below.

+Emergency and Evacuation Information

The Kauffman Center places the highest priority on the comfort and safety of its patrons. All staff and ushers are trained in emergency procedures to provide direction and support if an emergency arises at any time. There are eight stairwells located throughout the building designated for evacuation purposes only. The Kauffman Center also provides 24-hour security and video surveillance services, plus Kansas City Police Officers and EMT medical services at most events. If you have any questions about emergency procedures, please see a House Supervisor or Team Captain for more detailed information. The video below provides information on our emergency procedures.


This emergency evacuation video was created by the Kauffman Center Patron Services team and volunteers.

+Accessible Emergency Evacuation Procedures

In the event of an evacuation, the staff and ushers will guide patrons who have mobility limitations and/or cannot navigate stairs to a designated Emergency Evacuation Assistance area. These areas are placed throughout the facility to ensure the safety of all our guests who are unable to navigate stairs. Kauffman Center staff will communicate with the fire department how many patrons are at these areas of rescue. First responders will help evacuate these areas immediately once they’ve arrived. If you have any questions about emergency procedures, please see a House Supervisor or Team Captain for more detailed information.

+Inclement Weather

Performances at the Kauffman Center are rarely canceled for inclement weather. Please remember in the case of snow or ice, you can count on all Kauffman Center sidewalks, driveways, and entry points to be clean and accessible. In case of a weather emergency, shelter in place inside the performance hall, not in the lobby, and please follow all instructions as announced from the stage.

It is possible that a tour, school program or community event might be canceled due to bad weather. In the unlikely event of a cancelation, the Kauffman Center will post a voicemail recording on its main box office line: 816.994.7222.

+Concealed Weapons

The Kauffman Center prohibits employees and the public with concealed carry permits from entering the building with weapons. All Kauffman Center visitors are subject to search. Anyone found in violation will be asked to secure the weapon inside their vehicle or leave the property immediately.

+Bag Check Policy

All bags and persons entering the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts are subject to search. Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts management reserves the right to refuse any item deemed a potential safety or security risk or with the potential to be a distraction to the event being held.

Any item carried into the Kauffman Center that is larger than 12 inches on any side (including clear bags) and backpacks (including string backpacks) are prohibited. Patrons with prohibited items have two options:

  1. The item may be returned to their vehicle.
  2. The item may be left at the Kauffman Center’s Coat Check located on the Plaza Lobby Level. A visual inspection of item contents will occur in the patron’s presence.

The following exception will be made after a proper inspection:

  1. Diaper bags are permitted for families with infants and toddlers. The child/toddler must be in attendance.
  2. Guests with oversized medically necessary items. Transfer bags will be available and must be used for smaller items such as EpiPen’s, prescriptions, personal hygiene products, etc. if they are being carried in a bag larger than 12 inches on any side.

Backpack purses smaller than 12 inches on any side must be worn on one shoulder. If the purse is worn as a backpack, the patron will be escorted to Coat Check and may pick up their item after the event.

Unattended items left anywhere in the facility will be inspected and taken to the Security Office to ensure patron safety.


The Kauffman Center’s promise to bring artists and audiences together is reflected in many ways, including accessibility for those who may need auditory, visual or mobility assistance.

We are dedicated to providing an accessible and enjoyable experience to all patrons. The Kauffman Center meets all Americans with Disability Act requirements. However, we strive to do more than simply be an accessible facility.

That means creating more accessible parking than is required and having easy elevator access to Brandmeyer Great Hall. Muriel Kauffman Theatre and Helzberg Hall have numerous accessible seating options for our patrons.

We want to be a welcoming facility for all and hope to make your experience one to remember. Please let us know what we can do to improve your experience.

+Patron Access to Seating

All performances at the Kauffman Center are accessible to people who require assistance. Within both halls, there is a great deal of seating that does not require any stair use at all. If you purchase a wheelchair-designated seat, the seat will be removed to make space for your wheelchair. Companion seats are also available adjacent or nearby.

The Kauffman Center has elevator access to all levels except the Upper Grand Tier (level 7) in Helzberg Hall. Accessible seating for patrons using wheelchairs and walkers is available in all areas of Helzberg Hall except the Grand Tier sections.

We suggest that you call the Kauffman Center Box Office at 816.994.7222 to determine your best and most accessible seating options.

+Accessible Parking and Drop-off Lanes

Handicapped parking slots in the Arts District Garage are close to building access points, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Event parking is $10, per car. Valet parking is also available on the south private drive for $20 cash ($18 prepaid).

Two drop-off areas allow guests to easily access the Center:

  1. The north side of the Kauffman Center, accessed from 16th Street
  2. The private drive on the south side of the Kauffman Center, accessed from Broadway


Complimentary wheelchairs and assistance is available by speaking to one of our volunteer greeters or ticket-takers at any of our exterior doors.  Wheelchair assistance is available before a performance, during intermission and after a performance.  Remaining in a borrowed wheelchair during your entire visit is not available at this time.  In addition, Kauffman Center staff and volunteers are unable to lift, carry or otherwise physically assist with transferring a patron from a wheelchair to a seat.  This responsibility is that of the companion(s) also in attendance.  Please call our box office at 816.994.7222 for more information.

+Public Elevator Access

Several elevators in Brandmeyer Great Hall make the Center fully accessible except the Upper Grand Tier (level 7) in Helzberg Hall.


Kauffman Center restrooms fully comply with disability requirements of both the City of Kansas City, Missouri and the ADA. This includes access to restroom doors, to sinks, and into stalls. There are also plenty of restrooms; the Kauffman Center contains a total of 196 public restroom stalls.

+Braille and Tactile Signage

Kauffman Center signage conforms to ADA standards; major support and life-safety spaces such as stairs and restrooms are identified with tactile and Braille signs. Elevator panels and jambs provide raised letters and Braille text as well.

+Assisted Listening Devices

Assisted listening device headphones are available for use by hearing-impaired patrons during all performances. These may be requested at the Gift Shop on Level 4. There is no charge for use of these devices; however, a driver’s license or credit card is required and will be held until the equipment is returned.

+Accommodations for Nursing Mothers

The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts supports nursing mothers by providing a dedicated space to express milk.  The room has comfortable seating, an electrical wall outlet and a monitor to view the performance.  You may reserve this room in advance by calling our box office at 816.994.7222.  However, access to this room is also available without prior reservations by speaking to a staff member or volunteer during your visit.

+Additional Questions

Kauffman Center is committed to providing assistance to those with disabilities. If you have questions or concerns, please call the Box Office at 816.994.7222 or email If you are hearing impaired or hard of hearing, you can get help with telephone access by using the free relay service – 711.