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KCPA OpenDoors LogoThe Kauffman Center for the Performance Arts is passionate about providing youth in our community opportunities to experience high quality performing arts. The Open Doors Community Tickets program offers reduced or even free tickets to help local social service agencies, schools and home schools bring children to performances.

Donor support helps connect young people and families to the performing arts at the Kauffman Center. Donations are accepted online or by calling the box office at 816-994-7227.

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Kauffman Center Presents

National Geographic Live!

Brian Skerry presenting Ocean Wild: Light Beneath the Seas

  • Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 – 10:30am

Cristina Mittermeier presenting Standing at the Water’s Edge

  • Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 – 10:30am

Florian Schulz presenting Into the Arctic Kingdom

  • Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 – 10:30am


All Tickets: $2

Length: Approximately 1 hour

More details about each National Geographic Live! school matinee can be found below.


Brian Skerry – Ocean Wild: Light Beneath the Seas

  • Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 – 10:30am

Themes: oceans, marine biology, conservation, geography

Suggested grades: 2-10

Immerse yourself in the latest amazing stories from beneath the waves as a master underwater photographer reports on his most recent National Geographic assignments. Brian Skerry’s surprisingly intimate portraits of marine life have captured the imagination of a generation. From a fascinating look at dolphins’ intelligence to a profile of the enigmatic Bluefin tuna, Skerry’s camera illuminates long-held mysteries of the deep.


Cristina Mittermeier – Standing at the Water’s Edge

  • Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 – 10:30am

Themes: water, conservation, environment, geography, culture

Suggested grades: 5 – 10

Photojournalist Cristina Mittermeier knows the power of water: the power to give life when it is respected, and the power to destroy when it is misused. Join Cristina’s journey to four indigenous communities around the world, the Kayapó in the Amazon, the Inuit of Greenland, the First Nations people of British Columbia, and native Hawaiians. These communities live in harmony with their water sources, and through their stories, students will learn about responsible earth stewardship.


Florian Schulz – Into the Arctic Kingdom

  • Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 – 10:30am

Themes: ecosystems, wildlife, photography, geography

Suggested grades: 2-10

A multi-year quest to document the Arctic took photographer Florian Schulz to the ends of the Earth. Over the course of the next 34 months he discovered that life beyond the arctic circle is unlike anyplace else on Earth. Through breathtaking imagery, students will get a closer look at the vibrant ecosystem of the Arctic kingdom, one of the world’s largest wildernesses, including playful polar bears, mysterious musk ox, and huge herds of caribou.

More details regarding how to purchase tickets to any or all of the National Geographic Live! school matinees will be posted soon.

Teachers: This year’s National Geographic Live study guide containing more background on these presenters, details on visiting the Kauffman Center, and a wide-range of classroom resources will be posted soon.

National Geographic Live student matinees are now eligible for bus transportation assistance through our Open Doors program. Transportation assistance applications and more information can be found here.

+Frequently Asked Questions

Who can purchase tickets for these performances?

Any school in the five-county metropolitan Kansas City area can submit an order form to purchase tickets for students and chaperones to attend any of the Kauffman Center Presents student matinees. Homeschool groups are also welcome to purchase tickets to these performances.

How long will it take to review my order form?

Orders will be processed as they are received and confirmation emails with invoices will be sent to the teacher and billing contact within 2-3 weeks.

Are all the Kauffman Center student matinee performances eligible for Transportation Assistance?

Each year, there will be over twenty school matinee performances, and they are listed under the Student Matinee page of our website. At this time, all student matinee performances qualify for the Open Doors Transportation Assistance program. Please be aware that only groups with more than 20 students that are traveling by bus are invited to apply. Also, transportation assistance applications must be received at least 4 business days prior to the scheduled performance.

What if my group reserves tickets to a Kauffman Center Presents student matinee, but we need to cancel at a later date?

If your approved group needs to cancel a National Geographic Live student matinee reservation, please let the Kauffman Center know as early as possible by sending a notification to Tickets must be paid for in full no later than one month prior to the performance date, and if a school cancels beyond that point, they will not receive a refund.

Can our school change our total number of students and adults attending in the months or weeks leading up to the performance?

Yes, you can adjust your numbers as needed, but all changes are subject to ticket availability. All changes must be made by one month prior to the performance date when ticket payment is also due.

For any other questions, please send an email to Open Doors at

Social Service Agencies

We are currently building a network of local social service agencies to help us reach families with Open Doors Community Tickets opportunities. If you are an agency serving families and children in the Kansas City metropolitan area and are interested in learning more about opportunities to participate in Open Doors Community Tickets, please email us at for more details on how you can participate.