Customer Service Week

Kauffman Center Celebrates Customer Service Week:

A Tribute to Exceptional Patron Experiences

Photo by Jenny DeFreece

Excellent customer service is a cornerstone of the Kauffman Center experience. This year, during Customer Service Week, we would like to thank our Patron Services team, Theatre Operations team, Bonterra catering, SG360, P1 Group, Titan Security, NPB, Park-it and Laz Parking and KC Medical.

To celebrate, we spoke with Columbus Leveringston, the face of the Kauffman Center Gift Shop:

My title is gift shop attendant and I have been working in the Kauffman Center Gift Shop since day one in 2011.

Before Kauffman Center construction was complete, I was employed part time as an event staffer by NPB, the Kauffman Center’s security. I saw the Gift Shop being assembled and asked, “What will that area be?” The guide said, “The Gift Shop.” I said right then I wanted to work there.

The Gift Shop was originally managed by Connie Silverman and I worked closely with her. Connie later resigned and Barry Myers took over. We were another match! I retired from my role as director of admissions and marketing at Delaware Highland Assisted Living after 10 years.  Later, Kauffman Center subcontracted me from NPB to help manage the Gift Shop. Barry called me the gift shop manager.  I appreciate all trust Paul Schofer, president and chief executive officer, Bill Miller, vice president of operations and mostly Barry Myers, senior director of patron services put in me. Today, I have been employed part time by Kauffman Center for three years.

It’s a joy to be greeted and loved by all at Kauffman Center from the parking garage attendants, tunnel attendants, security, volunteers, staff and our patrons.